Whether you just have 5 acres or 5000 acres, let Guest Forestry Services, Inc. take care of all your forestry needs. From tree planting to aerial spraying, we’ve got you covered. Take a look below at the services we provide. Just call 229-924-5080 for more information!

  • Tree Planting:

At Guest Forestry Services Inc. we are equipped to handle all your pine tree planting needs. We offer hand plant, tractor plant and V-Blade Machine Plant

  • Chemical Site Prep and Release

During the life of your pine stand, it is important that you keep the stand healthy and free of competing vegetation.  Guest Forestry Services, Inc. is licensed and qualified to help you in this process. We will send a trained licensed professional to your stand, evaluate your land and help you in deciding the best chemical rate for your stand.

Here is an example of maps that are produced by Guest Forestry Services, Inc. On the left is a map that was provided to us by a client. On the right is the map that shows exactly what areas were sprayed by one of the Guest Forestry Services crew member.



  • Herbaceous Weed Control

Also occurring during the life of your stand is the growth from unwanted herbaceous weeds. It is necessary that you take care of these herbaceous plants. When you do herbaceous weed control on your stand you increase the quality of the lumber and speed up the stands growth to reach the maturity of the stand quicker.

  • Subsoiling and Scalping

In order to have a successful stand, you should first subsoil and scalp the area. Subsoiling is done to aerate the land by breaking up the dirt. This process also helps break up the dirt so that the dirt is able to absorb water at a higher capacity. Scalping is also important to have a successful pine tree stand. Scalping is taking the top of the dirt and removing the grasses and other plant life so that the new pine seedlings do not have to compete for sunlight, water or root space.

  • Fertilizer

Another key to having a successful pine tree stand is fertilizer. Adding fertilizer during your stands rotation has many benefits such as better quality timber and shorter rotation lengths. Fertilizer help trees reach their maturity size at a younger age.