About Us

Burt Guest began Guest Forestry Services, Inc., in 2001 with one V-Blade bulldozer, one tree planter, a great big vision and prayer. The company now operates nine bulldozers/planters, two farm tractor planters and five skidders for site prep and understory herbicide application.

Guest Forestry Services employs 10 full-time employees. Guest Forestry Services employs an additional 18-20 part-time employees during the tree planting season. Our employees are a vital asset for the company and have contributed greatly to the growth of this reforestation businesses.

Although the company is based out of Plains, Georgia we have provided services all over the Southeast. Currently, the majority of our service area takes place in the regions of Southwest Georgia, Northern Florida (and panhandle), East Alabama, West Louisiana and East Texas. The clients we are privileged to serve include the following: private land owners, forestry consultants, large paper companies, large timber and real-estate management companies and herbicide sales companies.